For companies and regular clients, we have attractive offers and promotions related to temporary stays or subscription cards at KRK Parking Balice.

The standard offer includes a monthly subscription for 250 PLN (gross) in a rotating subscription area. Details of our proposal can be checked in the regulations, but the terms of cooperation with each client are discussed individually. We invite you to contact us.

KRK Parking Balice is not only an area near the airport, where you can leave your car. It is also a series of services that we offer. The parking is fully self-service, with an automatic ticket office, equipped with a system that differentiates license plate numbers of vehicles entering the parking.

Rental of office space

We have 2 office spaces with social facilities (shared toilet, bathroom and kitchen) with an area of approx. 21,62 m2 and 22,18 m2 in the price: 50 PLN/net/m2 + utilities

  • Premise No. 1 with an area of 21,62 m2,
  • Premise No. 2, with consists of two transitional rooms with an area of 8,52 m2 and 13,66 m2 (total: 22,18 m2).

There is a possibility of branding the rental logo on designated areas of the KRK PARKING office building and placing the logo on two illuminated pylons.

Rental of parking spaces in the rotating subscription area

We would like to offer you a cooperation involving the rental of parking spaces on our newly opened parking lot KRK PARKING located near the Jan Paweł II Kraków-Balice International Airport at Kpt. Mieczysław Medwecki 13 Street, 32-083 Balice, along Małopolska provincial road No. 774 in the price: 250 PLN/gross/month.

Our parking is located only 50 meters from the airport – 2 minutes on foot from the departure terminal.

We have 700 parking spaces for passenger cars, slow-moving vehicles, vans and buses on a paved, fenced and illuminated area. The parking area is constantly monitored by cameras and supervised by parking controllers 24 h/day and an internal protection system. Additionally, we cooperate with a professional security agency JUSTUS to ensure the highest security standards.

There is a possibility of paying by PayPass card, MasterCard, Maestro and Visa credit cards, as well as in cash. As one of the few companies offering parking services, we issue VAT invoices for companies – 23%.

The price of 250 PLN (gross) for the parking subscription includes all-month unlimited access to places in the rotating subscription zone, in which there are 50 parking spaces occupied by rotation. Places in the subscription area are located directly at the main office building, in which we have 2 office premises for rent.

Rental of exclusive parking spaces

In the case of renting more places (more than 40 parking spaces), the price of parking spaces is subject to negotiation. There is also the possibility of renting exclusive parking spaces in the price of 350 PLN per month (gross) for one parking space.

In addition, we offer the possibility of branding the rental logo on the designated areas of the KRK PARKING office building and placing the logo on two illuminated advertising pylons.


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