About us

The closest and the cheapest parking in Balice

People, who decide to drive to the airport by their own car, know very well that the prices for a day or several days of leaving the car in the airport car parking are associated with high costs. Meanwhile, you can save money in a very simple way – just choose our KRK Parking Balice Airport. Why us? Because the prices are low, and the departure terminal of the Kraków Airport is located only 50 meters from our gate. We have 700 parking spaces for cars, so there will be a place for everyone. See HERE, how you can easily reach us. Do you want to receive an individual estimation? We can prepare it for you at any time - just write to us.


Do you prefer to take a taxi? Better think about it

A trip from the center of Kraków to Balice costs approximately 100-150 PLN. A daily cost of leaving your car in our parking starts from 5 PLN. Now you see what is more profitable. Remember that you can go to the airport and return to our parking on foot in 2 minutes – it is important when you are going on holiday with your family or on a business trip. You can spend the time you saved by thinking about the destination of your trip. If you already know how long your journey will be – check our prices.


Reservation of parking at the airport in Kraków

You do not need to call, write or visit our seat to book a parking space near the airport in Balice. You can do everything online, in a very simple way. All you have to do is choose the date you want to leave your car at KRK Parking Balice Airport, complete your details and click on the reservation. You can pay by payment card, credit card (pay pass) or cash in the parking, when picking up your car. We operate in 24/7 mode, so you can choose the time of leaving or picking up your car.

We have the possibility to issue invoices for companies, and for our regular customers – we have introduced special packages and subscription cards. More information about payments and subscriptions can be found HERE. The parking terms and conditions are HERE.


Proven parking near the airport

It does not matter how long your journey will be – a day or a month. For us, the most important thing is that you do not have to worry about the car during leisure or business meetings. Every day we care for the protection of cars. We have invested in monitoring, consisting of a camera system operating in 24/7 mode, we employ professional parking controllers and we cooperate with a professional security agency JUSTUS. We are known for professional care of our clients’ cars.


Complex parking service – 24/7

KRK Parking Balice Airport is not just a terrain near the airport, where you can leave your car. It is also a series of services that we propose. Although the car parking is self-service, our controllers can help you, for example, in charging the car battery and (for an additional fee) provide you stretch foil in order to wrap the luggage. We provide a positive attitude, smile and assistance in all conditions.


Transfer from the parking lot to the airport? Unnecessary!

Remember that our parking is close to the airport terminal that it is unnecessary to drive or transport to the airport is completely unnecessary. You will walk quickly and easily 50 meters to the departure terminal within 2 minutes, even with your luggage. What is important – you will not depend on anyone. You will not have to wait for the bus drivers or other passenger of the carrier, who take customers to the parking lot near the terminal. By choosing KRK Parking Balice Airport, you will save yourself the stress and limit the travel time to the necessary minimum.


Do you have any questions about the services provided by KRK Parking Balice Airport? Check our terms and conditions or ask. Our employees are at your disposal every day, around the clock. Write, call or visit us. Feel free to contact us.